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The Powervision Poweregg X drone can land and take off on water
tomsguide.com - PowerVision PowerEgg X
  • - 3.5
The Poweregg X has the one feature you can’t find on any of DJI’s drones: water resistance. The ability not just to be able to land and take off from the water, but to be able to withstand bad weather means that you can take the Poweregg X to places where other drones can’t go. While its video and flying abilities aren’t up to the level of DJI’s class-leading drones, the Poweregg’s 4K camera can record footage that’s fairly high quality. And, it’s great to get awesome shots of skimming low over the water, and not have to worry about losing your drone in the drink.
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PowerVision PowerEye Quadcopter Review
best-quadcopter.com - PowerVision PowerEye
  • - 4.5
The PowerVision PowerEye Quadcopter from our review has some extraordinary qualities that help it compete with the best drone models. Its rock solid futuristic design gives it an interesting appearance, and being foldable makes it suitable for almost every drone enthusiast. The battery offers a good flight time compared with the other drones, and its cameras are extraordinary. Taking all these features into consideration, PowerEye is a great drone that offers you a great experience, great video and photo footage and of course, lots of fun.
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