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Walkera F210 3D Quadcopter Review
best-quadcopter.com - Walkera F210 3D
  • - 3.5
The Walkera F210 3D is a brilliant little quad and a sane choice for a racer, with all the needed functionality and loaded specs, as shown in this review. This drone is a true racer in terms of detail and design, but the specific design points make sense just after you give it a try and pilot it. The Walkera F210 3D will give you a nice performance but it definitely lacks some flight features that make flying easier. It has some minuses with its awful manuals, low-grade video signal and lack of video recording performance, but it is an awesome mini-drone to pilot and a good start to FPV flying.
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mydronelab.com - Walkera F210
  • - 4.7
The Walkera F210 is a nice and well designed package which brings everything you need to step into the FPV racing scene. If you compare it to other products, it is very attractive, because it is a ready-to-fly bundle, and at just around $350, it packs a lot of bang for your buck.
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Best mini FPV quadcopter?
firstquadcopter.com - Walkera Rodeo 110
  • - 4
It may not be my fastest racing drone but it is extremely fun to fly it. Even if the frame is made from only 2 mm carbon fiber it takes crashes very well, without major damages. After few flights, my only disappointing was regarding the poor image quality, the camera could be much sharper.
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