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The DJI Storm is a Multirotors drone that was released by DJI in 2019.

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Reviews of the DJI Storm
DJI Storm Comes With Custom Filming Services, Including a Crew
If last year DJI released the DJI Pro drone without causing a big fuss, this year they're offering a drone with eight rotors and accompanying filming crew. The drone is called DJI Storm and it is part of DJI Studio.
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DJI’s most advanced drone yet comes with its own van and film crew
DJI is the leading name in drones, and we’ve liked their prosumer Phantom and Mavic lines quite a bit — but it looks like the company has also quietly built a professional cinematography drone that’s so high-end, it’s not even for sale. You’ll hire DJI to send out a fancy van with a dedicated team of professionals to fly the DJI Storm drone for you.
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The DJI Storm Comes with its Own Crew and Film Truck
DJI’s newest drone, the Storm, requires more than a recreational approach. Some drones are for casual fans wanting to try out the world...
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DJI STORM - High Payload Aerial Platform by DJI Studio | cinema5D
DJI STORM is a professional aerial platform with integrated DJI Ronin 2 and maximum payload of 18.5kg. Offered only as a service with crew.
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The DJI drone you’ve never heard of… The DJI Storm by DJI Studio [video]
A full-service offering for custom aerial cinematography. It is called DJI Studio and they have a special heavy-lifting drone called the DJI Storm.
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