DJI Phantom 2

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  • Max. Speed

    15 m/s

  • Max. Range

    0.7 km

Product Overview

The DJI Phantom 2 is the world's most sophisticated, easy to use and reliable quadcopter. It captures high quality photos and videos from an up to a 0.7 km range and has a powerful 3-axis gimbal that keeps your shots steady and smooth. Fly for up to 25 minutes with the included 5200 mAh battery capacity or take advantage of its GPS system that records the location of your flight so you can follow it back home if necessary and Return Home function in case it loses its connection with the remote control or if the battery power gets low.

The Phantom 2 comes with an upgraded controller with a built-in LCD screen that shows important flight information, including distance from home, altitude, battery level, signal strength and more. It's easy to fly thanks to ActiveLSensor technology that enables it to hover in place when you let go of the controls. Additionally, it has a Vision Positioning System that uses an onboard camera to maintain a fixed position in relation to the ground. If you're new to flying or want a more relaxed experience, switch on the arrival/landing mode and let the Phantom 2 slowly descend towards the ground at a fixed speed.

DJI Phantom 2 Specification


The DJI Phantom 2 is a Multirotors drone that was released by DJI in 16/12/2013.

A multirotor drone is a multiple propeller, vertical lift drone. These drones are more maneuverable due to their flight profile, being able to fly much closer to buildings and other obstacles. Multi-rotor drones like the DJI Phantom 2 also tend to be faster to deploy, and tend to be significantly cheaper to acquire and operate.

The battery capacity inside is 5200 mAh.

Release Date
Battery Capacity (mAH)
5200 mAh
Rotor Count

The DJI Phantom 2 sits on the slower side of drones, with a max speed sitting around 15 m/s. This might not be a bad thing though, so it really depends on why you're looking at buying the drone. If you're happy with a slightly slower drone then this one could be what you're after.

With a range that falls under the 1km mark at 0.7 km, it's definitely on the lower side of drones. This will be plenty for an occasional, line of sight flight drone, particularly with toys, but if you're looking to fly something with a little more range than this drone definitely isn't for you.

The drone sits well within an average flight time when compared to other drones, with a maximum flight time of 25 min. This flight time will be plenty of the average user, and should give you more than enough time between charges. You can always bring an extra battery to swap out between flights, or just a battery pack to charge it up as you go should you need a little more flight time.

Max. Speed
15 m/s
Max. Range
0.7 km
Max. Flight Time
25 min

The 1000 g weight puts the drone in at about average size. There are lighter out there, but there are also heavier drones.

1000 g
Minimum Temperature
-10° C
Maximum Temperature
50° C
Follow Mode?
Altitude Hold Mode?
Return Home?
Smartphone Mountable Controller?
Gimbal Stabilizer?
LED Lights?

Where to buy the DJI Phantom 2

The lowest price is $559 for the DJI Phantom 2, available from multiple sites. The 2 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $869.

Dji Phantom 2 Vision Quadcopter With Integrated Fpv Camcorder (white)
Dji Phantom 2 Vision Plus Drone And Remote - Pv331

Reviews of the DJI Phantom 2


Based on 2 reviews

DJI Phantom 2 Review
  • - 4
The Phantom 2 is a really great drone. If you’re thinking about getting one, then I highly recommend taking the plunge – you won’t regret it. It’s definitely worth the money and provides endless enjoyment.
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  • - 4.8
The DJI Phantom 2 is the easiest, cheapest, and smallest professional aerial filming platform you will find. It is extremely easy to operate, and it practically doesn’t require any maintenance. Considering that DJI has presented newer and more expensive models, with unbelievable cameras, it’s an amazing fact that this model is still wanted, even though it is not produced anymore.
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