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    20 m/s

  • Max. Range

    8 km

Product Overview

The Hubsan Zino 2 is the latest stable and easy-to-fly model of the Zino series. With a max speed of 20 m/s, this drone can reach speeds that most cutting-edge drones can't even dream of! The max range isn't too shabby either--8 km means you don't have to worry about losing your Hubsan Zino 2 as long as you're in sight. The max flight time is a whopping 33 minutes. That's more than enough time for you to fly and get some amazing footage! And with its 3800 mAh battery capacity, it's easy to keep your Hubsan Zino 2 in the air all day without needing to recharge. Best of all, it comes equipped with Orbit Mode which allows you to fly in circles around your subject while always keeping them in the center of your shot in stunning 4K quailty.

The Hubsan Zino 2 also has an impressive list of features that make it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced pilots alike. It has an integrated GPS to allow for smoother flying and safer landing. It also has an impressive Follow Me Mode that allows you to pilot your Zino 2 from your phone or tablet, letting you keep your hands free to shoot high quality video from a first-person perspective. You can even use the App to select specific things for your Zino 2 to focus on and zoom in. Best of all, the Zino 2 has an impressive max range of 8 km, which is more than enough to let you put it in the back of a pickup truck or SUV and drive to new filming locations without having to worry about losing connection with the drone.

Hubsan Zino 2 Specification


The Hubsan Zino 2 is a Multirotors drone that was released by Hubsan in 2019.

A multirotor drone is a multiple propeller, vertical lift drone. These drones are more maneuverable due to their flight profile, being able to fly much closer to buildings and other obstacles. Multi-rotor drones like the Hubsan Zino 2 also tend to be faster to deploy, and tend to be significantly cheaper to acquire and operate.

The battery capacity inside is 3800 mAh.

Release Date
Battery Capacity (mAH)
3800 mAh
Rotor Count

The Hubsan Zino 2 sits on the slower side of drones, with a max speed sitting around 20 m/s. This might not be a bad thing though, so it really depends on why you're looking at buying the drone. If you're happy with a slightly slower drone then this one could be what you're after.

With a well above the average maximum range of 8 km, you're guaranteed a long-distance flight. Be assured you'll reach the distance you need, from the comfort of your mobile office, or even your couch, and know that your drone won't just disappear off into the distance.

The drone sits well within an average flight time when compared to other drones, with a maximum flight time of 33 min. This flight time will be plenty of the average user, and should give you more than enough time between charges. You can always bring an extra battery to swap out between flights, or just a battery pack to charge it up as you go should you need a little more flight time.

Max. Speed
20 m/s
Max. Range
8 km
Max. Flight Time
33 min

Dimensions of the Hubsan Zino 2 come in at 326 x 260 x 95 mm.

The 929 g weight puts the drone in at about average size. There are lighter out there, but there are also heavier drones.

326 x 260 x 95 mm
929 g
Video Resolution
Video Framerate
60 fps
Orbit Mode?
Altitude Hold Mode?
Controller App?
LCD Controller?
Gimbal Stabilizer?
Foldable Design?

Where to buy the Hubsan Zino 2

The lowest price is $499 for the Hubsan Zino 2, available from multiple sites. The 9 purchase links we have analyzed have revealed an average price of $744.

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A Great 4K Drone For Under $500
  • - 4
This is one of the best low-cost drones for photography, it’s not as good as the DJI Mavic or Autel Evo drones but for its price, I think it is worth considering, especially if you are on a budget but want to get started with drone photography. Having said that, I do believe there is a better alternative in the new DJI Mini 2 drone. It’s around the same price range and comes with many of the same features and crucially, it comes with the DJI name. Both are great drones, but I would personally go with DJI drone if there isn’t to much difference in the price.
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