When you compare the DJI FPV to the DJI Air 2S you can see which Drone is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of Drone out ontop.

What Drone is better?
The long-awaited DJI FPV is finally here, and it's a drone unlike any other. The FPV combines the best of both worlds, offering the immersive experience of first-person view (FPV) flight with the convenience and safety of an all-in-one drone. But how does it stack up against DJI's other drones, like the Air 2S? Here's a detailed look at the two drones, so you can decide which is right for you. DJI FPV The DJI FPV is a unique drone that offers the best of both FPV and all-in-one drone flight. It's the first drone from DJI to offer an FPV experience, and it does so with impressive clarity and stability. The FPV also has a top speed of 87 mph and a flight time of up to 20 minutes, making it a great option for racing or high-speed photography. DJI Air 2S The DJI Air 2S is the latest drone from DJI, and it's a significant upgrade over the previous Air 2. The Air 2S offers a longer flight time of 34 minutes and a higher top speed of 44.7 mph. It also features an improved camera with 5.4K video and 20-megapixel stills. If you're looking for the best drone from DJI, the Air 2S is the clear choice. So, which drone is right for you? If you're looking for the best FPV experience, the DJI FPV is the drone to get. If you want the best all-around drone from DJI, the Air 2S is the better option.
Specs comparison between the two Drones
Return Home?YESYES
Max. Flight Time20 min31 min
Weight795 g595 g
4k Camera?YESYES
Max. Range16 km12 km
Follow Mode?YES
Camera Resolution - Photo12 MP20 MP
Live Video Frame Rate60 fps30 fps
Video Resolution4K5.4K
Beginner Mode?YES
Maximum Temperature40° C 40° C
Release Date2/3/202115/4/2021
Battery Capacity (mAH)2000 mAh3500 mAh
Orbit Mode?YES
Controller App?YESYES
Max. Speed27 m/s19 m/s
Rotor Count44
Waypoint Mode?YES
Smartphone Mountable Controller?YES
Live Video Resolution810p1080p
Acrobatics Mode?YES
Video Framerate60 fps30 fps
Dimensions When Folded180 × 97 × 80 mm
Dimensions255 × 312 × 127 mm183 × 253 × 77 mm
Foldable Design?YES
Obstacle Avoidance?YESYES
Minimum Temperature-10° C0° C
Gimbal Stabilizer?YESYES
FPV Goggles?YES

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