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Bluebird Aero Systems ThunderB-VTOL

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  • Max. Range

    150 km

  • Max. Flight Time

    720 min

Product Overview

The Bluebird Aero Systems ThunderB-VTOL is a revolutionary vertical takeoff and landing aircraft that uses a ducted propeller to fly. The VTOL's unique design sets it apart from traditional helicopters, which are more difficult to control due to their spinning rotors. The ThunderB-VTOL's propeller is located in a duct at the rear of the fuselage, and does not pose a risk of contact with the ground during takeoffs and landings. The ThunderB-VTOL has a maximum range of 150 km, can stay in the air for 720 minutes before needing refueling.

Bluebird Aero Systems ThunderB-VTOL Specification


The Bluebird Aero Systems ThunderB-VTOL is a Hybrid Fixed-wing drone that was released by Bluebird Aero Systems in 6/2021.

A fixed-wing drone means that it is basically a remote-controlled plane, and tends to have a single large wing and a propeller that provides horizontal power rather than the direct vertical lift of other drones. Fixed-wing drones like the Bluebird Aero Systems ThunderB-VTOL, tend to be able to fly for longer, at higher altitudes, and carry a larger payload.

Hybrid Fixed-wing
Bluebird Aero Systems
Release Date
Max. Range
150 km
Max. Flight Time
720 min

With a total weight of only 35 kg, the drone comes in on the lighter side of drones. Perfect to carry around with you, or throw into a travel bag.

35 kg

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