Can Drones See Inside Your House? Uncovering the Truth About What Drone's See

David Lemay13 Jan 2022

Drones are a valuable part of our modern lives, from inspecting roofs and pipelines to delivering food and packages. They are also becoming increasingly popular as a toy and tool. Drones are not just for fun or a hobby any more. They can be used for various professional purposes too.  Let's explore the different ways that drones can be used to see inside your house. I will also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using drones for this purpose.

It is a common belief that drones can't see anything through walls or curtains. This is an understandable assumption because it seems logical that you would need to have some sensor for the drone to "see" anything. However, this isn't always true. 

Can Military / Police Drones See Inside Your House?

Drones are becoming increasingly popular with law enforcement agencies, primarily because they can track down criminals. They're also helpful for monitoring crowds or mining areas that fires have blocked off.

Using this technology in war has led many people to believe it should solely reside on battlefields. Still, as we see more drones being utilized outside conventional conflicts-such police departments across America -then these flying robots may one day become an everyday reality here at home too. The military has been working on drone technology for almost as long as drones have existed. The US Air Force got a big head start by using unmanned planes during World War II. The war on terror period became an extensive use military weapon. They've had plenty of time to develop some ace spy tools over the years, and a few of them are capable of seeing what is inside your house.

The Air Force's "Predator" series of drones can see inside buildings using an infrared camera. It works by looking for heat signatures from people in homes or other structures. The images produced aren't prominent, but they show what is happening inside.

Can drones see what is inside your house at night?

A lot has been said about this question, but the simple answer is no. Drones cannot peer inside your house at night unless they have super-advanced technology that overcomes glare and props rotation distortion to provide clear images from outside our homes, with advances in both Cesium Sensor Technology (which allows for night vision) as well as image processing algorithms. However, innovative companies are taking on these challenges by creating dual camera-equipped models capable of sending live video feedback onto the controller screen while also providing still photographs solely through the focal point.

Can Drones See Through Walls?

The most famous UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) used by the US army to see through walls is called "the Gorgon Stare," or as it's better known – "wide-area surveillance." The official name for this drone technology is "Persistent Stare," and it was developed by Lockheed Martin.

It can be mounted on a Predator B UAV, one of the most commonly used military drones in service these days (more about them later). The "Gorgon stare" technology allows the drone to see through walls with an incredibly high resolution. It can capture an image of a person on the other side of a wall from up to two kilometers away.

This is possible by using advanced sensors that can see in the infrared spectrum. The images captured by these sensors are then processed using sophisticated algorithms that create a "stereo" image, which gives the operator a much better view of what's going on inside the building.

While this technology is primarily used by the military for surveillance and target identification, there's no reason why it couldn't be adapted for civilian use as well. Imagine being able to see through walls to know what's happening in your house when you're not home! Creepy, right?

Can drones see-through windows?

Drones can see through windows and discover you before it gets close enough to spy on you.

I've been conducting experiments with how far a remote-controlled aircraft can fly during nighttime hours. Still, I also found that there are certain precautions one must take if they want privacy from prying eyes in their house or office building's ceiling above them. The best way? Make sure all of your blinds match correctly, so no matter what time we're talking about- day/night-, whoever might be looking up at those heights will not notice anything unusual going down below unless he has incredibly advanced tech skills himself.

Can drones see inside your house through glass?

While the "Gorgon Stare" can fly at altitudes of up to 20,000 feet and still be able to see into buildings, it's not very useful when you want a drone that can help you keep an eye on what's happening in your home while you're away.

For that, you need a drone with a thermal camera. Thermal cameras work by detecting the heat given off by objects in their field of view. This makes them perfect for seeing through the glass because the window will be the coldest object in the scene, and everything else will be warmer.

Can Drones See-through Curtains?

More advanced thermal cameras are the best way to see what's hidden behind curtains, but consumer drones will never be able to match this feat. The other way that they would possibly see through a curtain is if it was drawn open slightly and the drone was floating no more than three or four feet off of your floor--just as someone standing outside his window.

Can drones hear inside your house?

No, not now, but drones are becoming more and more popular with technology developing quickly. Of course, one day, we'll have drones that can hear what's happening inside our home, but I'm sure there will also be tech developed to counter these abilities.

Burglars Are Using Drones to Target Homes

Thieves are finding new ways to go about robbing houses. They have discovered that mini-drones with the ability to take aerial photos can give them an advantage when sneaking up on your home, knowing what's inside before breaking through windows or doors. Of course, it would help if you protect yourself by using motion sensors.

How will You Defend Your House Against a Drone

While not all drones are capable of seeing through walls, there are a number of them that can. And the technology is only going to get better in the future. Unfortunately, this means that you need to be aware that your privacy could be compromised if someone decides to use a drone to spy on you.

The DroneWatcher app allows you to watch for drones and even detect them with your phone if they're using RF communications. There's also the option of radar detectors, which work similarly but provide a different type of protection. This technology can track down drones and decode their signals, so as long they're being detected by one of these units, then there will always come up with an indicator showing exactly where those noises are coming from.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from drone spying:

  • Close your curtains when you're not home. This will make it harder for drones to see inside your house.
  • Put up blinds or shades on your windows, especially if you're worried about drones being able to see into them.
  • If possible, install a digital camera that can send an image of what's happening near the house when someone is using a drone to spy on it or steal from it.

What do you do if a drone spies on you?

The best way to confirm you're being spied on is by using a radio counter-surveillance system. These systems will decode the signals generated by drones and make patterns that show us where they are coming from.

How can an infrared lens camera drone see inside your house?

Infrared technology has been used to see through otherwise opaque objects, but there are some requirements. Indeed not only does the military use them; police use these kinds of devices to keep an eye on things from a distance. The problem is the naked eye can easily spot flying UAVs with thermal imaging cameras and such. This is where stealth drones come in handy. Stealth UAVs are specially designed to fly undetected, making them perfect for spying on people.

It's not just about flying a drone over someone else's property; this technology can be used to see inside your house as well! So the next time you hear someone say, "I heard that drones can see through walls," you'll know that they're not just spreading a rumor – it's true!

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