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  • Max. Range

    0.3 km

  • Max. Flight Time

    18 min

Product Overview

The Holy Stone HS120D is a high-performance, super easy to use FPV drone with a range of 0.3 km and flight time up to 18 minutes. It includes a built-in camera that captures video in 1080p and 2k resolution. It has an altitude hold that allows it to hover steadily in one spot, and a return home feature which makes it easy to find if it gets lost or separated. If you're looking for something more advanced, we recommend checking out our Holy Stone HS200D!

Holy Stone HS120D Specification


The Holy Stone HS120D is a Multirotors drone that was released by Holy Stone in 2019.

A multirotor drone is a multiple propeller, vertical lift drone. These drones are more maneuverable due to their flight profile, being able to fly much closer to buildings and other obstacles. Multi-rotor drones like the Holy Stone HS120D also tend to be faster to deploy, and tend to be significantly cheaper to acquire and operate.

The battery capacity inside is 1200 mAh.

Holy Stone
Release Date
Battery Capacity (mAH)
1200 mAh
Rotor Count

With a range that falls under the 1km mark at 0.3 km, it's definitely on the lower side of drones. This will be plenty for an occasional, line of sight flight drone, particularly with toys, but if you're looking to fly something with a little more range than this drone definitely isn't for you.

The drone sits well within an average flight time when compared to other drones, with a maximum flight time of 18 min. This flight time will be plenty of the average user, and should give you more than enough time between charges. You can always bring an extra battery to swap out between flights, or just a battery pack to charge it up as you go should you need a little more flight time.

Max. Range
0.3 km
Max. Flight Time
18 min

Dimensions of the Holy Stone HS120D come in at 270 x 270 x 120 mm.

With a total weight of only 250 g, the drone comes in on the lighter side of drones. Perfect to carry around with you, or throw into a travel bag.

270 x 270 x 120 mm
250 g
Video Resolution
Live Video Resolution
Live Video Frame Rate
120 fps
Follow Mode?
Headless Mode?
Altitude Hold Mode?
One-Key Take Off?
One-Key Landing?
Return Home?
Smartphone Mountable Controller?
Foldable Design?

Where to buy the Holy Stone HS120D

The lowest price is $75 for the Holy Stone HS120D, available from ebay.com.

Holy Stone HS120D GPS Quadcotper Drone with Camera

Reviews of the Holy Stone HS120D


Based on 3 reviews

Decent Drone, There Are Better Alternatives
  • - 3.5
The Holy Stone HS120D is a decent HD camera drone that comes with some useful features like one-button take-off and landing. It has an automatic return home function that is automatically activated if it fly’s out of control range or if the battery gets too low. It has a flight time of around 15 minutes and an official FPV range of 300 meters. An overall decent drone but there are cheaper and better options.
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Best 1080P HD Camera Drone?
  • - 4.7
Overall, the HS120D GPS drone has to be one of the best camera quadcopters for beginners. It is integrated with smart flight modes and an optimized 1080P HD camera that delivers quality aerial shots. Not to forget to mention that the fact this drone has 16 minutes of flight time per battery charge. Which puts this quadcopter ahead of its competitors by several miles. Even more so, it has a maximum control distance of up to 300 meters. If you are truly looking for a smart camera drone that is easy to fly and learn. We think you won’t be disappointed with the Holy Stone HS120D GPS drone. After all, it is a professional design quadcopter made for beginners and kids.
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Holy Stone HS120D Quadcopter Review
  • - 4
The Holy Stone HS120D is a great camera quadcopter that beginners can use too from day one, as shown in our review. It has a bunch of handy smart flight modes and an optimized 1080P camera that delivers high-quality aerial shots. The flight time for one battery, which is around 16 to 18 minutes is also great. The control distance is also remarkable because this drone can fly 300 meters far from you. These qualities make this drone one of the best besides his competitors. If you are looking for a camera drone that is easy to operate this might be a good choice. Some experts might find it boring because it can’t record in 4K, but if you’re a beginner you will find a lot of joy flying this quad.
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