DJI Inspire 2 vs DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

When you compare the DJI Inspire 2 to the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum you can see which Drone is better. Let's take a look of the comparison, and see which model of Drone out ontop.

What Drone is better?
There are many considerations when choosing the right drone for you, such as price, portability, ease of use, and of course, flight performance. In the DJI Inspire 2 vs DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone comparison, we will be taking a look at how these two drones stack up against each other in terms of price, portability, ease of use, and flight performance. When it comes to price, the DJI Inspire 2 is more expensive than the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. However, the Inspire 2 is also a more powerful and capable drone, so it is worth the extra cost if you need the extra performance. In terms of portability, the Mavic Pro Platinum is more compact and lightweight, making it easier to transport and store. However, the Inspire 2 is still a very portable drone, and its larger size does not make it too difficult to transport. When it comes to ease of use, both drones are relatively easy to fly, but the Mavic Pro Platinum is slightly easier to use thanks to its more user-friendly controls. In terms of flight performance, the DJI Inspire 2 is the clear winner. It is faster, more agile, and can reach higher altitudes than the Mavic Pro Platinum. It also has a longer flight time and is more stable in windy conditions. Overall, the DJI Inspire 2 is the better drone of the two, but it is also more expensive. If you need the extra performance, the Inspire 2 is worth the extra cost. If you just want a capable and portable drone that is easy to fly, the Mavic Pro Platinum is a great choice.
Specs comparison between the two Drones
DJI Inspire 2DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
One-Key Take Off?YES
Return Home?YESYES
Max. Flight Time27 min30 min
Weight3440 g743 g
4k Camera?YES
Country of OriginChina
Max. Range7 km7 km
Altitude Hold Mode?YES
Follow Mode?YESYES
One-Key Landing?YES
Facial RecognitionYES
Camera Resolution - Photo24 MP12 MP
Live Video Frame Rate30 fps30 fps
Video Resolution4K2.1K
No-Screen ControllerYES
Headless Mode?YES
Maximum Temperature40 °C40 °C
Release Date201624/8/2017
Battery Capacity (mAH)6000 mAh3830 mAh
Orbit Mode?YESYES
Controller App?YESYES
LED Lights?YES
Max. Speed94 km/h18 m/s
Rotor Count44
Gesture Control?YES
Waypoint Mode?YES
Smartphone Mountable Controller?YESYES
Live Video Resolution1080p1080p
Robotic Arms?YES
Video Framerate30 fps30 fps
Dimensions When Folded198 x 83 x 83 mm
Dimensions42.7 × 31.7 × 42.5 cm
Foldable Design?YES
Obstacle Avoidance?YESYES
Minimum Temperature-20 °C0° C
Propeller Guards?YES
Live Video Feed?YES
Gimbal Stabilizer?YESYES
FPV Goggles?YES

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